Deborah Dawkins

Deborah Dawkins

Sales Associate
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
170 Jennifer Rd 102 Ste
Annapolis, MD 21401-3064

Why would a local, Eastern Shore Realtor transfer her license to an Annapolis office, while serving Maryland's Eastern Shore?

 “When I first earned my real estate license, I joined Coldwell Banker because the founding principles of that company matched what I had been taught in my early business career by my family.” Colbert Coldwell founded the company in 1906 following the devastating San Francisco earthquake and fire. "Coldwell and Banker were trying to make progress in an industry where, to put it bluntly, plain dealing had become optional. The two saw an opportunity to distinguish themselves by offering honest, knowledgeable and competent real estate services, bringing much-needed integrity to the profession."

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage at Annapolis Plaza continues that proud tradition of fair dealing as well as the other Coldwell Banker tradition of continually educating their agents, changing and improving their services to the public. “CBRB offers the latest technology, innovation, widest reach and best advantages in today's constantly shifting real estate market to me and consequently to my clients.”

Part of the change in today's real estate business is the diminished importance of the physical office. The modern agent's office is their cell phone and their laptop. Just as 'listings' are no longer the private property of a broker but are shared fully with the general public on the web, the individual agent is no longer tied to the 'land line' but is free to use all modes of communication: social media, blogging, websites and the good, old fashioned, face-to-face contact. "My clients don't need their Realtor to find the properties, they need her to provide information, guidance and a whole team of professionals to help them make the right real estate decision for their own situation."